About Who's Conscious?

The board game about Roots and Culture -The game based on luck, strategy and consciousness.

The Who’s Conscious? board game is designed to test and improve a player’s comprehensive knowledge of people of colour achievements in sport, music, entertainment and cultural/historical matters.

whos conscious board game'The Who’s Conscious?' board game is fun, easy to play, caters for all abilities and raises the profile of black history to reinforce positive achievements. The aim is to engage, educate and to inspire players to go away and do further research. Included in each game are 200 blank cards allowing players to create their own questions and answers making each game unique.  The game is designed to bring all people in our multi-cultural communities together and step-up consciousness by popularising snippets of knowledge, which will be enlightening enough not to be dismissed as trivia.

Get Conscious with Who’s Conscious?

It has been argued that Black History Month has become a ready-made excuse to ignore black history for the other eleven months of the year.

However, by playing 'Who’s Conscious?’  you have fun learning all year round. As Marcus Garvey said "A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture, is like a tree without roots."

The benefits to be gained from playing 'Who’s Conscious?' include:

• Promoting social, moral, spiritual and cultural development
• Promoting positive identity by highlighting good role models
• To learn how others have overcome challenges and obstacles
•To be entertained and have lots of fun

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