Reviews of Who's Conscious? Product

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David Appelyard
07 Sep 2014
Stirs Social Awareness
Desiree Thompson
07 Sep 2014
Excellent game. Loved playing it. If you've got a child aged 7+ they'll love it too and may learn a thing or too. I did!!!"
Esther Deans MBE
13 Aug 2014
Played this game at my sister's BBQ and it was hilariously good fun. Educational, engaging, informative - it was suitable for all ages in the family as there was such a good range of questions (and you can even add your own!!). This will surely have you scratching your head as the answer is on the tip of your tongue - and shrieks of laughter as you battle to win. We were enjoying it so much we only stopped playing when we started to lose the light in the garden. Will buy a set for my family to play socially. As a teacher I will be buying sets for my pupils at school - and not just for Black History month. This is a great game for anyone looking at race, identity and equality issues. Looking forward to playing this again :)
14 Jun 2014
Hours of fun in a box!
Jay Adam
14 Jun 2014
Enjoyable, fun and educational for all the family... Well thought out game!
Vincent Akinlola
06 Apr 2014
I played the game with my nephews and was impressed with the thought provoking questions.It is great for family gatherings and parents will see the benefits as their children play and learn at the same time. The questionsare both historical and modern allowing different generations to engage.I also believe that this game has been long overdue and goes some way to plugging the ethnic knowledge gap